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Peter Velichkov - Web Designer and Architect


I am a freelance web designer/developer, working in Sofia (Bulgaria), specializing in building accessible and user friendly websites. To ensure a website is well structured, SEO friendly and provides remarkable user experience I follow the latest W3C standards and recommendations. Having worked in web companies for some years I've been able to experience the design world from both technical and creative point of view. Some of my main responsibilities included creating full graphical design prototypes, front-end development (XHTML, CSS, Javascript), optimization and analyses of already built websites, implementing best SEO practicies and providing complete web architecture solutions. It is my goal to build websites that are not only visually appealing but also easy to use and clearly match the clients objectives, helping them to deliver their message to wider audience. To offer more out of the box solutions with greater range of internet technologies, I made the decision to go freelance.

Apart from XHTML,CSS and Javascript coding I have experience with designing .NET controls and working with different CMS solutions (both commercial and free). I believe that my general knowledge in many computer languages (C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python) gives me a good overview and understanding of the modern coding concepts and practicies. Recently I am dealing with Adobe Flash / Flex mixed with Papervision3d magic for delivering Rich Internet applications.

Beside the web technologies I have many other areas of interests like GNU/Linux OS, virtualization solutions, all kind of performance optimizations, hardware assembly and benchmarking.

Full CV can be provided on request.